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Executive Coaching 

I started to explore coaching through my work with entrepreneurs and business leaders. Coaching is a practice to help individuals work through their agendas and discover the tool inherent within them. Executive coaching is more than just the professional side but also an examination of personal issues as well. Often our leadership styles, decision-making processes, and self-confidence at work are impacted by our personal struggles. Coaching can be a powerful tool to help executives to be more effective and achieve higher goals.

Business executives, entrepreneurs, and members of the LBGTQ+ community are the focus areas in which I specialize. Being a member of all three communities and understanding the challenges faced in each one, I am able to help those leaders to develop a stronger identity, leadership style, and confidence in their position. 

Coaching is not for everyone especially when you are not ready to commit to the process. Coaching requires the client to be committed, open, and honest throughout the process. At the start of each session, the client will determine the agenda and goals for the session. The goal is to help client focus on their needs and get the most out of the process. 

Contact me through the email inquiry form or use the "Book Dr. Muckridge" button to schedule a 15-minute initial consultation.

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