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A new year, a new decade, and a new chapter

I am excited to be launching this new personal and professional chapter. In 2019, I set a goal to finish my dissertation on family businesses before turning 50. I wanted to be able to start this new decade focusing on helping others with their business by sharing my experience and knowledge. In 2021, I finished my doctorate and completed the training to be a coach. During my data collection for my dissertation, I discovered the need for coaching services in my work with business leaders. As much as leaders need to know more about business strategies and methodologies, they also need help bridging other aspects of their lives to be more effective.

I decided to launch my new business to focus on coaching, business consulting, and helping family businesses. Coaching services help individuals look within and identify the issues that are blocking, holding, or preventing them from moving forward. Issues like two years of dealing with a pandemic, changes in careers, family changes, and relationship issues are just some of the issues coaching can help. Even family business leaders can use coaching to help manage and prepare for changes in the business leadership during succession. I have helped business leaders develop tools to help them move forward and see progress in their careers.

If you are curious about coaching or need help with your business, please reach out to me using the "Book Me" button to schedule an initial consultation. You can also email me at directly. Services can be in person or via Zoom if you are outside the Miami-Dade area. I look forward to helping others and seeing where this new chapter takes me.

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